Color Palette

In case the tab gets closed, here are the hex codes for the colors used in this design:

  • FF4E50

  • FF847C

  • FF847C

  • FFF0E4

  • 27CFBB

Current feelings on this design

I might want to change the color of the background a bit. It' feels weird. Like a dirty white as opposed to a thoughtful color to back everything with. Maybe make it bold and have the name in yellow? Something to try along the lines of that.

Otherwise should fix the sizing of the titles on the blog cards. I think it’s good for the normal blog plages but now the blog cards are really small in comparison. Hopefully that doesn’t throw things too off. And maybe add more yellow or accentuate it a bit more. It feels lacking compared to the blue on the normal blog pages.

Get blue on the main page somehow. Probably in the social media boxes. Also, figure out how the hell they work. Ask if she wants the subscribe thing still.

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